QZ400 hollow concrete pile cut off machine

  • QZ400 concrete pile cutter 2
  • QZ400 concrete pile cutter 3
  • concrete pile breaker, concrete pile cutting machine
  • concrete pile breaker, concrete pile cutting machine
1.    The Introduction:
  • How can we cut a concrete pile driven in water, we have to work above water and cut the pile head off? Look into this QZ400 hollow concrete pile cut off machine. It’s the best one for cutting annular hollow concrete precast piles,
  • It is commonly to see there are many annular hollow concrete piles in water conservancy projects, industrial buildings, civil construction project and bridge project, this QZ400 model is only used for annular hollow concrete piles, out diameter range 300mm-600mm, because the machine hoop for pile is round ring, it has 4 kinds hoops for sale, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, match for exact concrete pile diameter,
  • Mounted with 4Kw electric motor, 380V, it’s lighter much, only 80Kgs operate weight, 2 operators for handling,
  • Look into this video, it helps you know” how to cut a concrete pile head which driven in water”

Youtube-Shuanglong Machinery

concrete pile cut off
concrete pile cut off
2.    The Consumption Pieces:
  • 300mm and 400mm diameter diamond saw blade is suitable for this model QZ400
Diamond saw blades
3.    Production Scene:

We could produce 100pcs QZ400 each month

concrete pile cutting machine
4.    The Packaging:
  • fumigation-free,strong enough for ocean shipping,plywood cases or steel frame with carton cover
plywood cases
5.    Service:
  • 24 hours service for QZ400 hollow concrete pile cut off machine pre-sales and after sales
  • Warm welcome honest and respectable business relation as our agent
  • We supply OEM and ODM service
  • Warm welcome your visit to our factory
6.    FAQ
  • Our concrete pile contains rebars, is it OK?
    YES, not a problem
  • What’s it power?
    380V three phase line,4kw
  • Does it need water jetting when it’s in working?
    YES, water jetting is better, it can cool down diamond saw blade and fall the dust
  • What about warranty?
    Always we supply 1 year warranty service
  • Can you arrange the shipment to our warehouse in XXX place of China?
    YES,no problem.
  • How many operators are needed?
    2 operators is better for running



Model QZ400
MAX Blade diameter 400mm
Blade aperture 50mm
Power 4Kw
Motor rolling speed 2900RPM
Weight 130Kg(4 hoops options)
Dimension 500*400*650mm

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  1. QZ400 hollow concreate pile cutter

    • Shuanglong Machinery September 3, 2017 at 11:06 am Reply

      Hi Budi,
      Thank you for your insterest in our machine, for more exact information, let’s keep in touch by emails,

  2. Dear Sir we are interested in your QZ400 and would like to know if it would cut a 50mm deep cut around a 900mm concrete pile

  3. Markie

    Hi Douglas,

    Is this machine can be used in cutting pile underwater?


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