MYH6-14 steel bar straightening machine manual

MYH6-14 steel bar straightening machine manual

Before using the machine, please read this manual, it helps you know how to operate such a steel bar straightening machine in right way.

Before using:
  1. Please make sure the machine is stable placed on ground or flat floor
  2. Please inject 8kgs around gear reducer gear oil into the oil hole(site 3), to protect gears in lubrication
  3. Please make sure the electricity is 380V,50Hz~60Hz, 9.5Kw at least, for motor running safety
  4. Please make sure it works for 6mm-14mm range steel bar.
  1. Test the machine running in right direction, which was instructed on the machine,
  2. Test a straight steel bar into the machine, to check if the steel bar output smoothly,
  3. Please make sure, operators stay a rather distance from the machine, in order to avoid steel bar large swing hurt operators,
Varying different rebar diameters:
  1. There are different channels(in part 1 and part 3) adapt to different rebar 6mm-14mm range,
  2. Please adjust the Guide plate input whole,
  3. The part 2 are moveable, to match different channels in part 1 and part 3
Common troubleshooting
  1. If the steel bar can’t come in smoothly, try to tighten the adjust bolt(site 1),
  2. If the steel bar swing severe in outputting, try to tighten the adjust bolt (site 2)
  3. If the steel bar was squeezed, try to loose the adjust bolts a little(site 1 and site 2)

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