MY5-12 rebar straightening machine manual

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MY5-12 rebar straightening machine manual

Please read this manual before using the machine, it helps you know how to use the machine in right way,

1- Gears of inlet traction wheels
2- Oil filling ports of gear reducer
3- Cutting device
4- Transmission chain
5- Straightening rollers &frame
6- Gears of outlet traction wheels

Please check these parts and places exactly before using,

  • Add light machine oil 5kg around into the oil filling port of gear reducer, (picture site:2), unscrew the bolts, add light machine oil 5kgs around
  • Daub lubricating oil to gears and chain, (picture site: 1, 4 and 6)
  • Notice, 380V,5.5Kw,3 phase motor, please notice the electricity to match the electric motor
  • Please make sure that the rotation direction is correct, from inlet port to outlet port
How to straight different diameter (5mm-12mm) of rebar in this machine?

Adjust the straightening rollers in the frame, let rollers touch the rebar tight (how tight? that you can’t roll the rollers by hand), and make sure the rollers straightness

Look into the instructions as follows

The bolts in line 1 and line 2, adjust them to match different diameter rebar, the bases of rollers could be adjusted due to bolts in line 1 and line 2

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