MY5-12 bar straightening machine

MY5-12 bar straightening machine for sale, all the models are available as follows:
MY5-12 bar straightening machine for sale

GT2-5A wire straightening and cutting machine

GT2-5B rod straightening and cutting machine

GT4-12 wire cutting and straightening machine

GT4-14 straightening and cutting machine

Y2-5 steel bar straightening machine

MY5-12 round bar straightening machine

MY6-14 bar straightener

The bar straightening machine principle:

The machine has a straightening frame*straightening roller appliance, it is rolling at high speed when wire pass through, so it can straight the bar.

straightening frame*straightening roller appliance
The bar straightening machine manufacturer:

Many clients want to buy the bar straightening machine for hire or for rentals, there are many manufacturers who supply OEM and ODM services worldwide, prices are different,
We Shuanglong Machinery- Changge Shuanglong Construction Machinery Factory is a light construction machine manufacturer, located in China, since 1999, who is specialized in produce the bar straightening machine

The wire straightening and cutting machine video

Youtube-Shuanglong Machinery

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