MG40 40 inch gasoline power trowel

power troweling concrete
MG40 40 inch gasoline power trowel for sale, all models we manufactured as follows:
gasoline power trowel for sale

MG24 concrete trowel

MG36 trowel machine

MG40 finishing trowel

MG24E concrete power trowel

MG40T power trowel concrete

JS32 ride on finishing trowel machine

JS36 ride on finishing trowel

JS40 ride on trowel concrete

Power troweled concrete
Power troweled concrete

Using float pan finishing concrete at first, it’s called rough finishing, secondly, using the trowel blades finishing the concrete.It will make concrete floor smooth and level, greatly improve the compactness of concrete surface and wear resistance.

Power trowel concrete floor finishing
Power trowel concrete floor finishing

It can be used for kinds of concrete floor finishing, such as high standard workshop, warehouse, parking lot, square, airports and frame type buildings on the surface of the concrete slurry, smoothing and finishing

The power trowel tips:
power trowel tips

In order to prevent trowel machine out of control, 1. Clench the armrest tightly, keep balance the machine, 2. Start the trowel machine engine, once it is going to work, keep the balance of machine always, or else it will be out of control, cause danger.

The power trowel finishing techniques:
power trowel finishing techniques

Mounted with a gasoline, driving the trowel blades rotor, at the bottom of rotor, mounted with 4 pcs trowel blades, trowel blades tilt in the rotation direction, gasoline driving the rotor by v belt.

The power trowel parts:
trowel machine parts

Concrete power trowel blades: 36 inch size 315mm(L)*150mm(W)*2mm(T),65# quenching manganese steel
Trowel machine float pan: 36 inch, 65# quenching manganese steel
Reduction box

The power trowel rental:
contact us
Many clients buy the trowel machine for hire or for rentals, we Shuanglong Machinery- Changge Shuanglong Construction Machinery Factory is a light construction machine manufacturer, located in China, since 1999, who is specialized in produce the MG40 40 inch gasoline power trowel

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