HCD90 220V electric tamper

electric tamper rammed earth,small electric tamper
HCD90 220V electric tamper for sale, similar models are on sale:
electric tamper for sale

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HCR90 rammer for sale

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HCD90 electric tamper for sale

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The small electric tamper:
small electric tamper

Net weight 67Kgs, engine options:380V three phase 50~60Hz electric motor or 220V single phase 50~60Hz electric motor, supply 10KN compacting force, Gross weight 73Kgs, body materials: iron, tamping plate material: iron + wood or iron only

The electric tamper rammed earth:
electric tamper rammed earth
  • Electric tamper should be apply to cohesive soil, sand and gravel material compaction, and shall not be in apply to cement road surface and other hard surface.
  • Before the running the electric tamper, please make sure: 1. All the parts connection is good, no loose; 2. It has enough machine oil in; 3. It has reliable null line, cable surface insulation is in good condition
  • Please make sure the motor rotation in right direction after turn on switch.
  • When it’s working, it should be not tilt, hand held should not be tight.
  • The electric tamper operator must wear insulating gloves and insulated shoes, it’s for bidden to work in rain day
  • Once the electric have abnormal sound when it’s working, it should immediately stop working.
  • After operation, it should clear the silt on the ram plate and attachments, and keep the electric tamper clean, and properly store it.
The electric tamper supplier:
electric tamper supplier

As well known worldwide, Bomag, Wacker Neuson, Mikasa are best level quality earth compactor manufacturers and suppliers, and there are many electric tamper manufacturers and suppliers in China, some are manufacturers, some are trading companies, here we Shuanglong Machinery- Changge Shuanglong Construction Machinery Factory is a light construction machine manufacturer, located in China, since 1999, who is specialized in produce the HCD90 220V electric tamper and direct sales ourselves.

The electric tamper rental:
contact us

If you have distributing business and rent business, it’s a better option to cooperate with us, we are a manufacturer company and direct sales ourselves.

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